My name is Juan Aparicio Cabezas, and I am a surf instructor, having my qualifications as both a national and international trainer.

I was born in Barcelona and I grew up in Málaga. I soon discovered that I needed to be in touch with the ocean for my own well-being. I began to develop a close bond with the sea, and spent all of my free time in the water. Life´s circumstances led me to Madrid, where I developed a professional career, face-paced and overwhelming, which took up all of my time and drained me of my energy. After several years of keeping up this pace, I decide to close this chapter of my life and to devote myself to what really makes me happy, a happiness which is difficult to describe. Currently, I am planning my own projects, one of which consists of offering personalized surf lessons at different levels, for beginners to advanced-level surfers.

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National surf coach – National Surf Federation & Ministry of Education (TD1).

National surf trainer – Cantabrian Surf Federation & Ministry of Education (TD2).


International surf coach level 1 – International Surfing Association (ISA).

International surf trainer level 2 – International Surfing Association (ISA).

JACSURF training


First experience. Softboard.


Second week, previous year or on your own. The student has acquired knowledge, but will still use soft board.


Controls security aspects. Hard board but large for physical characteristics and the student’s age.


The student catches the crest of the wave alone and can catch some waves by himself/herself. An intermediate-sized board for his/her physical characteristics and age.


Short board for the physical characteristics and age of the student. Can perform “duck diving” and carry out basic moves. Possibility of video-correction, analysis by video..


High-level improving.


Beginner classes

Advanced classes

Classes have a standard duration of two hours each, but students can set up their own timetable and length of lessons. Prices vary depending on the duration of classes and on how many people participate in the lessons. Both the use of the surfboard and wetsuit are included in the price, as well as a third-party liability and accident insurance policy. In order to comply with safety regulations, group lessons will be limited to a maximum number of six students at a time.

  • Contact the reservations staff by phone +34 636 20 95 06 or by sending an email to info@jacsurf.com.
  • Once the place on the course is confirmed, in order for the reservation to be finalized, payment should be made before the start of the lessons.
    – Cash or bank transfer.
    – Bank transfer: the data will be sent to each customer by email. In case of BANK TRANSFER, once it is received in our account, we will contact you again for the final confirmation.
    We will deliver or send you by email the necessary documentation to complete the reservation. FORM WITH STUDENT DETAILS, CONTRACT CONDITIONS, BANK DETAILS, COURSE DATA. The form must be completed and signed before the beginning of the course
    If the customer wishes to cancel the reservation, it must be done at least five (5) days before the beginning of the course; In this way, the TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE COURSE PAID previously will be refunded to you. In case the cancellation is made later (less than five days before the starting date of the course), JACSURF will retain 20% of the amount paid.

* Consult prices and special discounts for large groups, high schools, institutes, universities, sports associations, end-of-course school trips, etc.

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